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A. Peterson, et al.'s The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Through American PDF

By A. Peterson, et al.

ISBN-10: 0313333955

ISBN-13: 9780313333958

ISBN-10: 031333417X

ISBN-13: 9780313334177

ISBN-10: 0313358559

ISBN-13: 9780313358555

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Their factory was illuminated with open gas lighting. Fabric scraps littered the floors, and smoking in the work space was common among the few male workers. On March 25, 1911, just before closing time, a deadly fire broke out near the top of the ten-story building that held the factory. As the fire blazed through the top three floors, the employees tried to flee the building. Some were able to escape using the exterior fire escape before it collapsed, and others were able to make it to the roof and climb onto adjacent buildings.

It was only at the end of the 1890s that the country began to see hope in their future. This hope slowly grew and took hold in the early 1900s. Many of the choices people made in the early part of the century were based in their memories of the The 1900s depression of the 1890s. The depression, the beginning of a new century, and the sudden political changes brought on by the unexpected and shocking assassination of William McKinley caused people to wonder whether things would be better as they had been before the depression or whether it was necessary to look at new ways to solve old economic problems.

Manufacturing and industry needed cheap labor, and much of it came from new immigrants. New immigrants needed work, and they were willing to take the dirty and dangerous jobs that most Americans did not want. These jobs were frequently found in coal mines, steel mills, the railroads, and slaughterhouses. Slowly, many Americans began to resent the presence of these immigrants. Hostility intensified during WWI when latent fears rose to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Tragedy. In the 1900s and early 1910s, it was common for young women to work in factory jobs, especially in the garment manufacturing industry.

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The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Through American History 1900 - Present [2 vols] by A. Peterson, et al.

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