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By Timothy Insoll

ISBN-10: 0199550069

ISBN-13: 9780199550067

How humans engaged with fabrics resembling clay or stone, why humans dug beneficial properties equivalent to pits, why they embellished their our bodies, or taken care of their lifeless in sure methods, have been all significant within the African earlier. notwithstanding, those are matters which have been often missed through archaeologists operating in Africa till lately. Material Explorations in African Archaeology examines materiality in African archaeology via exploring strategies of fabric company and fabric engagement and entanglement on the subject of their appear presence in individuals, animals, gadgets, elements, and contexts. It investigates the fantastic and complicated international of earlier African materiality through contemplating more than a few case reports. those comprise, for instance, why status stones have been erected, the aptitude meanings of physically alteration practices akin to scarification and dental amendment, and why, often, Africans long ago gave ritual significance to things, fabrics, and destinations considered unique or assorted. Adopting a multidisciplinary concentration, the amount attracts not just on archaeology but additionally, between different parts, ethnography and heritage, discussing issues comparable to our bodies, panorama, therapeutic and drugs, and divination, in addition to suggestions equivalent to reminiscence and biography, transformation, and metaphor and metonym.

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Read e-book online Material Explorations in African Archaeology PDF

How humans engaged with fabrics similar to clay or stone, why humans dug positive aspects resembling pits, why they embellished their our bodies, or handled their lifeless in convinced methods, have been all significant within the African prior. in spite of the fact that, those are topics which have been mostly missed by way of archaeologists operating in Africa till lately.

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In the early twentieth century, the hair-style worn by Thonga nursing mothers had ochre as a key component (Junod 1962b: 100). Whilst adult Thonga men were permitted to have a hair-style that incorporated a diadem of wax on the crown of the head and built on a frame of ox tendon strings and palm leaf ribs (Junod 1962a: 130). In the same period, some Ibo hair-styles also ­incorporated secondary materials and objects such as cowry shells, leopard claws, beads, cam-wood paste, and a ‘helmet-like’ ridge (Talbot 1926: 413) formed with a clay foundation.

At the other two sites that also formed parts of the Igbo-Ukwu complex blue beads seem to have been particularly important—beads that were probably obtained from long-distance trade (Insoll and Shaw 1997). In the burial chamber at Igbo-Richard lighter blue glass Type M beads numbered about 30,000 from a total of 102,294 beads (Shaw 1970: 233). The preference for yellow glass beads noticeable at Igbo-Isaiah, at 25 per cent of beads recovered, was lacking at Igbo-Richard, where they constituted just over 5 per cent of the total (Shaw 1970: 233).

Rich, multi-phase funerary contexts such as the cemeteries in Kissi (cf. Magnavita 2009), particularly from a comparative regional perspective, might also permit an understanding of changing tastes in bead materials and forms, and in their uses over time. An insight into how variable these could be is provided by Schweinfurth’s (1874a) ­observations on bead fashions in the mid-nineteenth century gained during his travels in the western Nile borderlands. : 153). : 299). : 502), with other beads holding hardly any value.

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