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Anaerobic infections in humans - download pdf or read online

By Sydney M. Finegold, W. Lance George

ISBN-10: 0122567455

ISBN-13: 9780122567452

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T h e r e m a y b e strain variation in the a m o u n t of e n z y m e p r o d u c e d (Smith, 1975). H e w i t t and Morris found m o d e r a t e activity in a strain of Clostridium perfringens (Hewitt and Morris, 1975), but Tally and co-workers found only low levels in other strains of this species (Tally et ai, 1975a,c). T h e latter w o r k e r s noted that there w a s general, but not universal, correlation b e t w e e n the degree of aerotolerance and the a m o u n t of superoxide d i s m u t a s e p r o d u c e d .

Ueber bakteriologische Untersuchungen und ihre Methoden bei Febris puerperalis. Munch. Med. Wochenscht. 1, 787-789. Seddon, H. R. (1922). The specific identity of Bacillus parabotulinus. J. Comp. Pathol. 35, 275-280. Smith, J. W. , Evans, D. , and Batten, R. C. (1965). Experimental studies of tetanus prophylaxis. Proc. R. Soc. Med. 58, 226-227. Stone, M. L. (1940). Studies on the anaerobic streptococci. I. Certain biochemical and immunological properties of anaerobic streptococci. J. Bacteriol.

Although the clinical value of gas gangrene antitoxin was largely o v e r s h a d o w e d by the introduction of penicillin, the impact of the antibiotic on both prophylaxis and t h e r a p y w a s uniformly disappointing. Surgery remained the essential mainstay of m a n a g e m e n t : " T h e surgical m e a s u r e s d e m a n d e d in true gas gangrene consist of an uncompromising excision of gangrenous and infected muscular tissue. W h e r e one muscle, or one group of m u s c l e s , is involved, that muscle, or muscle-group, must be extirpated from origin to insertion.

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Anaerobic infections in humans by Sydney M. Finegold, W. Lance George

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