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America's Transatlantic Turn: Theodore Roosevelt and the - download pdf or read online

By H. Krabbendam, J. Thompson

ISBN-10: 1137286482

ISBN-13: 9781137286482

This assortment makes use of Theodore Roosevelt to shape a clean method of the heritage folks and eu kinfolk, arguing that the easiest position to seem for the origins of the fashionable transatlantic dating is in Roosevelt's existence and profession.

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Self-government and American-styled democracy was one of the most advanced institutions of US civilization that it could tender to the world, according to TR. Cuba was not alone in this sense. 32 Roosevelt argued that the Philippines were made of “half-caste and native Christians, warlike Moslems, and wild pagans. Many of their people are utterly unfit for self-government, and show no signs of becoming fit. ”33 So the responsibility of the US after the War of 1898 was to “unselfishly” remake these acquired territories into orderly, democratic states—all imperial chores that the Spanish had forsaken.

Moreover, the War of 1898 also fortified the American race and civilization, according to Roosevelt. “Character” was the means of benevolent imperialism as well as its ultimate goal. Quixotic as it may seem, TR R argued that extinct races and civilizations remained alive through their ideas, their memory, their legacy, and their distant posterity. The War of 1898 guaranteed the United States’ posthumous survival. Like Rome, the US Empire would be historically revered. Though opposed by anti-imperialists, Roosevelt during his presidency was able to extend the scope of US power and put into practice his plans for social progress through imperialism.

Contrasting the natural wonders of the European and American continents would only serve to underscore Roosevelt’s sense of patriotism and his love of the American outdoors. Ironically, then, Roosevelt’s time among European “wonders” helped shape his efforts to preserve the great landmarks of America’s wilderness. Finally, Roosevelt’s time in Dresden as an adolescent must count amongg one of his most important formative periods. The cultural and scientificc capital of a newly unified great European power, the city of Dresden itselff spurred Roosevelt’s growing intellectual pursuits.

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America's Transatlantic Turn: Theodore Roosevelt and the "Discovery" of Europe by H. Krabbendam, J. Thompson

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