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Richard E. Blahut's Algebraic Codes on Lines, Planes, and Curves PDF

By Richard E. Blahut

ISBN-10: 0511388608

ISBN-13: 9780511388606

ISBN-10: 0521771943

ISBN-13: 9780521771948

Algebraic geometry is usually hired to encode and decode indications transmitted in conversation structures. This publication describes the basic rules of algebraic coding thought from the point of view of an engineer, discussing a couple of functions in communications and sign processing. The valuable suggestion is that of utilizing algebraic curves over finite fields to build error-correcting codes. the newest advancements are provided together with the idea of codes on curves, with no using particular arithmetic, substituting the serious conception of algebraic geometry with Fourier rework the place attainable. the writer describes the codes and corresponding deciphering algorithms in a way that enables the reader to judge those codes opposed to functional purposes, or to assist with the layout of encoders and decoders. This publication is proper to working towards communique engineers and people interested by the layout of latest verbal exchange platforms, in addition to graduate scholars and researchers in electric engineering.

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1 (Hasse) If h(x) is an irreducible polynomial of degree at least 1, then [h(x)]m divides f (x) if and only if h(x) divides f [ℓ] (x) for ℓ = 0, . . , m − 1. 14. 5 Linear complexity of sequences A linear recursion (or recursion) over the field F is an expression of the form L Vj = − j = L, L + 1, . . , k Vj−k k=1 where the terms Vj and j are elements of the field F. Given the L connection coefficients j for j = 1, . . , L, the linear recursion produces the terms Vj for j = L, L + 1, . . from the terms Vj for j = 0, .

The final step of the proof is to collapse the sum on the right, because, unless k1 = k2 = k3 = · · · = kq , each term will recur in multiples of the field characteristic p, and each group of p identical terms adds to zero modulo p. To continue, regard the multiple index (k1 , k2 , k3 , . . , kq ) as a q-ary n-tuple. The sum is over all such n-tuples. Two distinct n-tuples that are related by a permutation give the same contribution to the sum. The right side is invariant under permutations of the indices (k1 , k2 , .

N − 1, n, n + 1, . . , n + L − 1, exists, where the double parentheses denote modulo n on the indices. This means that ( (x), L) will cyclically produce V from its first L components. Equivalently, the linear recursion ( (x), L) will produce the infinite periodic sequence formed by repeating the n symbols of V in each period. The cyclic complexity of the all-zero sequence is zero. The distinction between the cyclic complexity and the acyclic complexity is illustrated by the sequence (V0 , V1 , V2 , V3 ) = (3, 1, −1, 1) of blocklength 4.

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Algebraic Codes on Lines, Planes, and Curves by Richard E. Blahut

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