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Adorning Maitreya’s Intent: Arriving at the View of - download pdf or read online

By Rongton Sheja Kunrig, Christian Bernert

ISBN-10: 1611803667

ISBN-13: 9781611803662

Trans. by means of Christian Bernert

A seminal statement on the most very important works of Mahayana Buddhism.

According to culture, Distinguishing the center from the Extremes (Madhyāntavibhāga) was once published through Maitreya to Asaṅga, and the novel view it provides without end replaced the way in which Mahayana Buddhists understand truth. right here, the Tibetan grasp Rongtön unpacks this guide and its practices for us in a manner that's instantly obtainable and profound, with real functional meditative purposes. The paintings explains the big paths of the 3 automobiles of Buddhism, emphasizing the view of Yogācāra, and demonstrates the inseparability of expertise and vacancy. It bargains a close presentation of the 3 natures of truth, a correct realizing of which gives the antidotes to confusion and ache. The translator’s advent provides a transparent assessment of the entire suggestions explored within the textual content, making it effortless for the reader to bridge its principles to real perform.

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The background, improvement, and present-day educating of many of the faculties of Buddhism, the religion-philosophy which has moulded the lifetime of a lot of the jap world.
Preface 9
Introduction 11
1. The lifetime of the Buddha 25
2. The Ministry 34
3. the increase of the 2 faculties 45
4. The unfold of Buddhism 60
5. Theravada Buddhism I: the 3 symptoms of Being 78
6. Theravada Buddhism II: The 4 Noble Truths 90
7. Theravada Buddhism in poor health: Karma and Rebirth 97
8. Theravada Buddhism IV: The Noble Eightfold
Path 108
9. Theravada Buddhism V: The 4 Paths and the
Goal 119
10. The Sangha 132
11. a few Mahayana rules 143
12. The Bodhisattva perfect and the natural Land colleges 158
13. faculties of the Mahayana 167
14. Zen Buddhism 179
15. Tibetan Buddhism
16. The end result of Buddhism
17. Buddhism To-day
Appendix I. The Buddhist Scriptures
Appendix II. Pansil
General Bibliography

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These wisdoms are accomplished by means of ten Dharma activities based on the Mahayana scriptures. The text then discusses the “factors concordant with reality,” the practices of calm abiding (“being undistracted”) and special insight (“being unmistaken”), the two branches of the meditative training on the path. Calm abiding is explained by means of the six distractions that are to be avoided, and special insight by means of ten divisions of unmistaken knowing. This is followed by an explanation of the Mahayana as a path free of all forms of dual extremes, and a brief note on the way the pāramitās relate to the bodhisattva grounds.

Explanation of the fifth chapter: The unsurpassed vehicle 4. Concluding Verses and Verses of Aspiration Appendix 1: Illuminating the Essence Appendix 2: Detailed Outline of the Commentary Notes Glossary Tibetan Names and Places with Transliteration and Notes Bibliography Index E-mail Sign-Up FOREWORD I am very pleased that Rongtön Sheja Künrig’s unsurpassable commentary on Maitreya’s Madhyāntavibhāga has been translated into English and thus made available to a great number of Dharma students worldwide.

After that, the three natures are taught in terms of the seven differentiated characteristics of reality taught in the Saṃdhinirmocanasūtra (“reality in terms of its differentiated characteristics”), followed by a longer explanation of the natures in terms of ten mistaken views based on the belief in a self and their appropriate antidotes (“reality in terms of expertise”). The fourth chapter presents the antidotes to be cultivated on the path, the stages of their application, and the results obtained in this process.

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Adorning Maitreya’s Intent: Arriving at the View of Nonduality by Rongton Sheja Kunrig, Christian Bernert

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