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By Jim Marrs

ISBN-10: 1934708097

ISBN-13: 9781934708095

Jim Marrs has demonstrated himself among the numerous different conspiracy researchers in bringing replacement perspectives and knowledge to the hundreds in a palatable and coherent shape. With subject matters of conspiracy mendacity at the edge of mainstream acceptability, Marrs has still touched a nerve with the general public at huge together with his skill to stroll the effective line among incredulity and the glorious.

whereas the majority of Marrs' paintings has been all for particular subject matters some time past, this time he makes use of the ATS website as a launching aspect for probably the most well known topics of the discussion board clients. protecting a large spectrum of themes from the age outdated Kennedy assassination, lunar landings and the Federal Reserve, to the trendy phenomenon of chemtrails, height oil, and the ever-present 9-11 theories; with many extra in among.

something this e-book isn't really is a conspiratorial free-for-all the place all good judgment fails to use. Marrs manages to convincingly debunk Nazi antarctic bases whereas laying off poignant feedback at the Federal Reserve. after all as a prerequisite, an open brain is critical , in spite of the fact that, one's personal scepticism don't need to be relegated to the trash bin both.

In all, whereas the committed fringe researcher will most likely locate the data to be outdated information, so much readers should still locate this to be an exciting if no longer a bit informative tract. the following water cooler speak by myself should be well worth the buy cost.

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J i m Marrs ATS MEMBER COMMENT “ While they [the Air Force] were doing training operations did they happen to notice the mile long UFO? The military needs to brush up on their lying techniques. ” off colors. I’m fairly certain this thing spins. This time I could not see through it … we went to County Road 847 and we took several pictures with the new Canon camera we purchased with a special lens. It appeared to be the same thing that was hovering southeast of my house and we never lost sight of it.

And then I really started noticing how big this thing was. I also noticed that it had these round indentations. They were in a grid pattern all running left to right, and front to back. They were all placed about 40 feet apart. They were deep, like maybe 4 to 6 feet deep into this craft. It basically looked like a piece of sheet iron that had been pressed. I couldn’t see any nuts, no WHY DID THE AIR FORCE CHANGE ITS STORY ON STEPHENVILLE? Ricky Sorrells lives in an unpretentious home in Dublin, Texas, about eight miles west of Stephenville.

I don’t know the capabilities of this thing, to move at such speed that it has, and as big as it is. Does it have the capability of weapons? I don’t know. But if they can build this, I’d sure hate to see if they got mad at us! ” he said. But Sorrells’ sighting was only the beginning of the activity around Stephenville. Constable Lee Roy Gaitan, along with his eight-year-old son sighted a red glow in the sky on Jan. 8 that faded and later reappeared. ” ” In the early morning hours of Feb. 2, Gaitan saw a similar object and this time he was ready with a video camera.

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