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A Popular Dictionary of Buddhism (Popular Dictionaries of - download pdf or read online

By Christmas Humphreys

ISBN-10: 0700710507

ISBN-13: 9780700710508

A dictionary and a thesaurus of phrases plus short biographies of eminent Buddhists and students from either East and West.

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The historical past, improvement, and present-day instructing of many of the faculties of Buddhism, the religion-philosophy which has moulded the lifetime of a lot of the japanese world.
Preface 9
Introduction 11
1. The lifetime of the Buddha 25
2. The Ministry 34
3. the increase of the 2 colleges 45
4. The unfold of Buddhism 60
5. Theravada Buddhism I: the 3 symptoms of Being 78
6. Theravada Buddhism II: The 4 Noble Truths 90
7. Theravada Buddhism in poor health: Karma and Rebirth 97
8. Theravada Buddhism IV: The Noble Eightfold
Path 108
9. Theravada Buddhism V: The 4 Paths and the
Goal 119
10. The Sangha 132
11. a few Mahayana rules 143
12. The Bodhisattva perfect and the natural Land colleges 158
13. colleges of the Mahayana 167
14. Zen Buddhism 179
15. Tibetan Buddhism
16. The culmination of Buddhism
17. Buddhism To-day
Appendix I. The Buddhist Scriptures
Appendix II. Pansil
General Bibliography

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A popular dictionary of buddhism 40 Caste Class distinctions, dependent mainly on Aryan or non-Aryan birth or on occupation, prevailed at time of Buddha, but caste system a later development. , Upali the barber, one of the despised trades, was superior of Kshatriya nobles Ananda and Devadatta, superiority depending on length of time since ordination. Catechism There is no official Catechism for Bst. , but Col. Olcott wrote The Buddhist Catechism in 1881 as part of his work in organizing Bst. schools in Ceylon, and Subhadra Bhikshu wrote A Buddhist Catechism in 1890, later reprinted as The Message of Buddhism.

Variously translated as monk, mendicant, friar, almsman, priest; all of which are alone inadequate. A Bhikkhu is one who has devoted A popular dictionary of buddhism 26 himself to the task of following the Path by renunciation of the distractions of worldly affairs. He relies for his sustenance upon the gifts of the lay disciples, being under no obligation to give anything in return, but often devoting part of his time to secular and religious teaching. ) and his daily life is governed by 227 Rules (v.

Each Buddhist is his own authority, in the sense that he must learn the Truth for himself, by study, selfdiscipline and practice. (2) No written teaching or scripture is authoritative in the sense of binding. See Buddha’s advice to Kālāmas. (W. of Bsm. No. ) (3) So-called ‘authorities’ on Bsm. are authorities only in the sense that they translate the letter of the teaching and comment upon it. They are not necessarily competent to expound its spiritual meaning. ) Also called Padmapāni. ’ The SELF as perceived by Buddhi, the faculty of intuition.

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A Popular Dictionary of Buddhism (Popular Dictionaries of Religion) by Christmas Humphreys

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