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Download e-book for kindle: A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology by Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala, Michael J. Leboffe, David

By Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala, Michael J. Leboffe, David Ferguson

ISBN-10: 0895827859

ISBN-13: 9780895827852

This publication is a full-color complement that gives pictures of preserved specimens and photographs taken at numerous aquaria to supply insurance of organisms within the world's oceans. it truly is designed to accompany any marine biology textual content or laboratory handbook. 3-hole drilled

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But when they are found in chains, called trichomes (tricho—hair), they are easily visible at moderate microscopic magnification. Many trichomes are capable of gliding motility (by an as yet undetermined mechanism) and some are enclosed in a mucilagenous sheath. Cyanobacterial trichomes often have specialized cells, including heterocysts (cystis—bag, bladder), which are nitrogen-fixing cells, and akinetes (a—without, kinetos— movement), which are resistant spores. Nitrogen fixation is the important ecological process by which nitrogen gas (N2) (a form not usable by most autotrophs and, therefore, doesn’t enter food chains) is converted into an ammonium ion (NH4+)—which is usable by most autotrophs and, therefore, enters the food chain.

Absorption of light by this pigment is converted into a form usable in cellular metabolism. It is unclear if these organisms can live exclusively as photoautotrophs, but they certainly are capable of ­photoheterotrophic growth. Halorhodopsin, a second membrane-bound pigment, is used to pump chloride ions inward (to increase KCl, as mentioned above). Other pigments are involved in phototactic (photo—light, taxis— order) responses by modifying flagellar rotation. Some species produce gas vacuoles that assist in flotation.

Many dinoflagellates house endosymbiotic brown algae. If the dinoflagellate is armored (thecate), alveoli immediately beneath the cell membrane house cellulose plates (thecae). The number of thecae is consistent in many species. Some species are naked and the vesicles do not contain cellulose plates. On a gross cellular level, the girdle marks the separation of the anterior epitheca (epi—upon, theca—case) and the posterior hypotheca (hypo—below) portions of the cell (these are also referred to as valves).

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A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology by Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala, Michael J. Leboffe, David Ferguson

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