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A Handbook of Small Data Sets - download pdf or read online

By David J. Hand, Fergus Daly, K. McConway, D. Lunn, E. Ostrowski

ISBN-10: 0412399202

ISBN-13: 9780412399206

ISBN-10: 1489972668

ISBN-13: 9781489972668

This publication could be of curiosity to statistical data teachers who wish ready-made information units whole with notes for teaching.

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WATER VOLES 27 34. R. J. (1970) The taxonomic status ofBritish water voles, genusArvicola. Journal ofZoology, 161,301-316. The original data (not given here) record the presence or absence of 13 characteristics in about 300 water vole skulls divided into samples from 14 populations from Britain and the rest of Europe. A similarity matrix was computed as follows. First, the percentage incidence x of each characteristic in each population was transformed to y = arcsin (1 - 2x/100). Fora pair of samples of sizes n1 and n2, the dissimilarity was calculated by finding the squared Euclidean distance between the y values, dividing by 13, subtracting a bias correction (1/n 1 + 1/n2) and taking the square root.

The data come from an genetics experiment involving a dihybrid cross where the expected ratio of the four phenotypes listed is 9:3:3:1 (assuming no linkage). Analysis, using for example a chi-squared test, shows no reason to doubt this hypothesis. S. J. H. Freeman, 697. Numbers of offspring: Phenotype Tall cut-leaf Tall, potato-leaf Dwarf, cut-leaf Dwarf, potato-leaf Total Observed frequency 926 288 293 104 1611 40. H. and Kullback, S. (1974) Loglinear models in contingency table analysis. American Statistician, 28, 115-122.

Freeman, 368. These data come from Canadian records of pure-bred dairy cattle. : 5 years old) and 10 twoyear-o1d cows from each of five breeds. The data can be subjected to analysis of variance to investigate questions about the effects of maturity and breed on butterfat. 72 24. G. V. (1985) Snoring as a risk factor for disease: an epidemio1ogical survey, British Medical Journal, 291, 630-632. The data come from a report of a survey which investigated whether snoring was related to various diseases.

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A Handbook of Small Data Sets by David J. Hand, Fergus Daly, K. McConway, D. Lunn, E. Ostrowski

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