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By 'Jam-mGon Kong-sPrul

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Preface 9
Introduction 11
1. The lifetime of the Buddha 25
2. The Ministry 34
3. the increase of the 2 faculties 45
4. The unfold of Buddhism 60
5. Theravada Buddhism I: the 3 indicators of Being 78
6. Theravada Buddhism II: The 4 Noble Truths 90
7. Theravada Buddhism sick: Karma and Rebirth 97
8. Theravada Buddhism IV: The Noble Eightfold
Path 108
9. Theravada Buddhism V: The 4 Paths and the
Goal 119
10. The Sangha 132
11. a few Mahayana rules 143
12. The Bodhisattva excellent and the natural Land colleges 158
13. colleges of the Mahayana 167
14. Zen Buddhism 179
15. Tibetan Buddhism
16. The culmination of Buddhism
17. Buddhism To-day
Appendix I. The Buddhist Scriptures
Appendix II. Pansil
General Bibliography

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When he had trained well with them, never again did any concern for his own wishes arise in his mind, as he cherished others more than himself. When he was assured that he had achieved the final result and objectives of entering the Dharma, he had no regret. The author of this course (of reaching) appended these last two verses. ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE TRANSMISSION LINEAGE The following deep Dharma for training the mind is alone and by itself sufficient. This mind training alone is capable of carrying all happiness and sorrow on the path.

4. When you are free from ego-clinging, you have reached Buddhahood, so there is no need to enumerate the stages of development for this single way. If you want all the remedies that concern thorough enlightenment, they are all included in these four Dharmas. He also wrote: 1. 2. 3. 4. Adverse circumstances are spiritual fnends. Devils and demons the emanations of the Victor, Disease is the broom for evil and obscuration And suffering the treasury of Dharmadhatu. 58 60 These follr Dh11rmas for ever-present defilements Are needed to control barban·ty The)" ure necessar)' in these deteriorating times In order to bear putiently evil associates and mistaken pructices.

As soon as thoughts arise, level them in the sphere of mind training cr emptiness. 2. Don't meditate· on remedies leisurely or tardily; as soon as defilements arise, jump on them, herd them, and destroy them. 3. Don't pursue many different aspirations for the present and future; concentrate exclusively to the best of your ability on destroying ego-clinging and doing whatever helps your mind. 4. When you are free from ego-clinging, you have reached Buddhahood, so there is no need to enumerate the stages of development for this single way.

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