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A Chronicle of Herbs: This Noble Harvest by Anne Ophelia Dowden PDF

By Anne Ophelia Dowden

ISBN-10: 0529055481

ISBN-13: 9780529055484

An advent to herbs, their historical past, features, and their many makes use of.

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These "digged in the dark," and they were in groups, usually of seven or nine, often with the addition of toads or bats or serpents. Poison hemlock is a true witches' herb. ^ killer. It was the poisonous drink that executioners gave to the Greek philosopher Socrates when he was condemned to death for corrupting the minds of the young; and other ancient philosophers who wanted to commit suicide crowned themselves with garlands and drank hemlock. Throughout Europe, it was a plant of ill omen, a funereal and satanic herb.

Anything that could be washed with soap and water was kept clean, though the soaps of those days would seem inadequate to a modern housewife. They were often made from the alkali of burned bracken fern or from soapwort, which we call bouncing Bet. D. (a kind of jack-in-the-pulpit). Long before that 850 orris, the powdered root of Florentine iris, was used to — — 57 — Scouring rush was often called pewterwort. In addition to polishing metal, an it served in medicine, chiefly as astringent. hood are both Pyrethrum and monks- common in today's flower gardens.

They found it God had carefully of the human body very comforting to believe that provided an herb to protect each part against every disorder that could possibly attack had clearly in using it, and then marked the herbs so that no mistakes could be made them. Mistakes were made, as herbs were — and remain we have seen. Nevertheless, to this day — powerful and many efficient healing agents, and hundreds of others have over the ages brought comforting relief from symptoms. " said, true, and if there PLANTS BEARING A LIKENESS TO TEETH Porta: P/tytqgnomoruca, Naples, 1588 37 FEMALE MANDRAKE Peter Schoeffer: Der Gart, Mainz, 1485 ENCHANTED HERBS If the powers of darkness could also interfere with his life men and women came make a person sick, they could in countless other ways.

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A Chronicle of Herbs: This Noble Harvest by Anne Ophelia Dowden

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