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Download e-book for kindle: A Burnt-Out Case by Graham Greene

By Graham Greene

ISBN-10: 0140185399

ISBN-13: 9780140185393

Querry, a world-famous architect, is the sufferer of an assault of indifference, now not discovering that means in artwork or excitement in lifestyles. Arriving anonymously at a Congo leper village, he loses himself in paintings for the lepers. As he is helping the lepers, so he techniques a self-cure.

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Men’s councils similarly commanded the authority to make and enforce decisions on a wide range of issues that affected both men and women. Within this system, women held considerable influence in some realms but appear to have rarely challenged men’s far-reaching powers. 46 Within this political system dominated by senior men, the potential to bear life differ- Introduction / 17 entiated women from men and, in some spheres of activity, subordinated women to men. 47 In addition to situating women and men as incommensurate beings, reproductive processes like female initiation and childbirth elaborated hierarchies of age and generation among girls and women.

What exactly happened when these two sets of reproductive concerns intersected on the uneven political terrain of colonial Kenya is the subject of the following chapters. By approaching the politics of the womb as a process of intersection and entanglement, this book differs from many previous efforts to answer the question of how colonialism engaged issues of reproduction and sexuality. Scholarly and popular answers to this question have generally taken one of two approaches. The first may be termed the “breakdown of tradition” approach.

20 Whereas in other areas of central Kenya female initiation took place prior to puberty, in Meru it was a prenuptial rite. Initiation and marriage in Meru usually followed the onset of puberty by five or more years, creating a period when girls were sexually mature but unexcised. Colonial officials observed that as “custom” shunned conception prior to initiation, unexcised girls who became pregnant obtained abortions. It was these abortions, officials argued, that were holding back population growth in the area.

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A Burnt-Out Case by Graham Greene

by Christopher

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