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Download e-book for iPad: 75 Exceptional Herbs for Your Garden by Jack Staub

By Jack Staub

Gardening professional Jack Staub maintains his stimulating sequence on certain additions for your backyard with seventy five unparalleled Herbs on your backyard.

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Image 7) Image 7: BISTORT Black externally, red internally, and typically “twice bent” like the letter “S,” a decoction of the bistort root makes a valuable gargle for the treatment of troublesome gums, canker sores, and sore throats, is a useful wash for burns and wounds, and may be taken internally to treat peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and conditions such as dysentery and diarrhea. Parenthetically, its high starch content also made bistort root a historic food source in times of famine, when it was roasted, boiled in soup, or ground to make flour.

Image 2) Image 2: ANISE Anise is also a very pretty plant, with bright green coriander-like foliage and lovely diminutive white-and-yellow flowers held in feathery umbels, the whole of it growing to about 18 inches. Anise seeds are actually the fruit of the anise plant, which, when dried, are transformed into those familiar gray/brown, longitudinally ribbed seeds habitually positioned as a digestif by the cash register in your favorite Indian restaurant. Anise is an annual herb and needs a longish, hot, dry season to seed successfully, so, in cooler climes, it is advisable to start seeds in pots indoors in March and set them out when the soil is well warmed up.

As noted, Roman chamomile is perennial, easy to propagate from seed with the exception of the ‘Flora Pleno’ variety, and hardy to USDA zone 3. For lawns of this summer-flowering herb (or search out the flowerless ‘Trenague’ type), space plants 12 inches apart and tread them in firmly: just as in the old verse, it will not only not hurt them, but will make them root better. German chamomile is sown (or self-sown) in spring or autumn, and the flower heads picked when in full bloom in summer. Also as noted, the German variety will produce many more flowers per branch than the Roman type, so if tea rather than lawn is your destination, that is probably the correct choice.

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75 Exceptional Herbs for Your Garden by Jack Staub

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