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2500 Years of Buddhism - download pdf or read online

By P.V. Bapat

Language: English
Pages: 437 (4 B/W (Illustrations)

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The publication supplies a brief account of Buddhism within the final 2500 years. The foreword for the e-book was once written by way of Dr. Radhakrishnan, international well known thinker. The ebook comprises sixteen chapters and approximately 100 articles written via eminent Buddhist students from India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal.

Buddhism is a life-style of purity in pondering talking and appearing. This ebook supplies an account of Buddhism not just in India but in addition in different nations of the East. designated and insightful glimpse into the various faculties and sects of Buddhism discover a position during this ebook. Buddhist principles on schooling and the present country of Buddhism as printed by means of their chinese language pilgrims who visited India in the course of that occasions are different elements of the publication. Chapters on Buddhist artwork in India and in another country and areas of Buddhist curiosity also are incorporated to offer it a holistic perspective.

The spirit of Buddha comes alive within the booklet and enlightens the readers along with his educating so crucial now for peace within the strife-torn world.



Sixth century B.C. used to be outstanding for the religious unrest and highbrow ferment in lots of nations. In china we had Lao Tzu and Confucius in Greece Parmenides and Empedocles in Iran Zarathustra in India Mahavira and the Buddha. In that interval many amazing lecturers labored upon their inheritance and constructed new issues of view.

The Purnima or full-moon day of the month of Vaisakha is hooked up with 3 vital occasions within the lifetime of the Buddha beginning enlightenment and Parinirvana. it's the such a lot sacred day within the Buddhist calendar. in line with the Theravada Buddhism the Buddha’s parinirvana happened in 544 B.C. although different faculties of

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Preface 9
Introduction 11
1. The lifetime of the Buddha 25
2. The Ministry 34
3. the increase of the 2 colleges 45
4. The unfold of Buddhism 60
5. Theravada Buddhism I: the 3 indicators of Being 78
6. Theravada Buddhism II: The 4 Noble Truths 90
7. Theravada Buddhism in poor health: Karma and Rebirth 97
8. Theravada Buddhism IV: The Noble Eightfold
Path 108
9. Theravada Buddhism V: The 4 Paths and the
Goal 119
10. The Sangha 132
11. a few Mahayana rules 143
12. The Bodhisattva perfect and the natural Land colleges 158
13. faculties of the Mahayana 167
14. Zen Buddhism 179
15. Tibetan Buddhism
16. The culmination of Buddhism
17. Buddhism To-day
Appendix I. The Buddhist Scriptures
Appendix II. Pansil
General Bibliography

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He discarded his royal robes, cut his long hair with his sword and became an ascetic. First he went to a teacher named A

He discarded his royal robes, cut his long hair with his sword and became an ascetic. First he went to a teacher named A

Dfgha, No. 29* Para. 16. The next important contemporary of the Buddha was Makkhali Gosala. He belonged to the sect of the Acelakas or Naked Ones, and, as the first part of his name indicates, carried a staff of bamboo (maskarin). It is said that he was for some time a disciple of Mahavira, but later broke away from him. Afterwards, he probably founded an inde­ pendent school known as the Ajivika school. Later writers mention two predecessors, Nanda Vaccha and Kisa Samkicca,1 thus giving this school three prophets.

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2500 Years of Buddhism by P.V. Bapat

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